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What is NJ Home Inspection?

Home inspection shall include the following items that need to be visually checked and reported:-

1. Ground inspection

2. Exterior of the home- driveway,

side-   walk,      footpath,deck,

entrance, siding, etc.

3. Roof -the coverings, including the

gutters, downspouts

4. Basement/crawl space, the structure.

5. Heater, the furnace and flue-pipe that

keep the poisonous gas co2 out of

the house, air-conditioning,sump pump,

water heater, stairs, the foundation

walls, the columns & beams that support

the house.

6. Electrical system- Incoming

cables,panel box, wires/circuits,

switches, power-points.

7. Plumbing -wastepipes, water supply

pipes, toilets, sinks, faucets, vent pipes.

8. Attic-- Roof structure & the insulations

9. Kitchen - range, oven, dish-washer.

10.The Laundry area- Washer & Dryer.

11.The Interior of the House, windows, doors,

12. The Fireplace , The Chimney.

**Why Radon Testing?


Radon is colorless,odorless and tasteless gas produced by

the decayed of uranium and radium. It cannot be detected

by senses. Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer.

For further details & guide, you can go to website:

**Why Termite Inspection?

Termite can eat up your house

(the timber/wood structures) and

your hard earned investment.

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